BITZER has been a pioneer for new products with a unique CO2 balance for many years with a particular emphasis on energy efficiency, low-GWP-refrigerants and user-friendliness.

For decades, the company has been developing refrigeration and air conditioning components for refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia and others from the A2L group as well as developing new methods of capacity control.

In recent years, the discussion has been about refrigerants but a shift is taking place with industry now focusing on energy consumption in refrigeration plants.

Throughout 2020 BITZER has been busy showcasing product highlights for CO2 as well as intelligent components and A2L condensing units.


For example, BITZER ECOLINE reciprocating compressors are highly energy-efficient both in full and part load and are designed for a very wide range of applications beyond supermarket applications.

One advantage of the series: it offers maximum freedom in the choice of refrigerant. Whether new low-GWP mixtures, HFO refrigerants such as R1234yf, R1234ze(E) or natural refrigerants – with BITZER reciprocating compressors, users find a suitable solution for every requirement.

The ECOLINE series also includes the ME compressor series, which was especially designed for subcritical CO2 applications with high standstill pressures up to 100 bar.

BITZER has now supplemented this series with two 6-cylinder models. With 54 m³/h and 64.9 m³/h delivery volume at 50 Hz, the two larger models are particularly suitable for large refrigeration systems in hypermarkets and distribution warehouses.


ECOLINE+, the latest reciprocating compressor series from BITZER, is available as 4- and 6-cylinder version for CO2 applications and is particularly suitable for supermarket applications. ECOLINE+ was developed with line start permanent magnet motors, which provide double efficiency benefits due to increased motor efficiency and thus reduced heat transfer into the refrigerant. This motor technology enables the compressors to achieve up to 14 per cent higher SEPR (annual performance factor).

Condensing units

The ECOLITE LHL3E and LHL5E condensing units open up a wide range of applications from 1.5 kW to 5 kW in the low temperature range and from 3.5 kW to 16 kW in the medium temperature range.

One of their great advantages: Each of these models can be used for different applications and refrigerants. For the first time, BITZER is now also exhibiting ECOLITE in a version for low-GWP refrigerants of the A2L group delivering a solution for refrigerants with a GWP below 150. The design of the condensing units ensures components are easily accessible and can be serviced quickly and easily if necessary.

With all ECOLITE models, users enjoy the option of quick installation and commissioning thanks to the user-friendly controller with BEST software.

With its energy-efficient OS.A95 screw compressor series, BITZER offers a climate-friendly and powerful solution especially in the field of ammonia applications for large cooling capacities. The wide application limit diagram of the series in combination with the automatic Vi adjustment allows the efficient use of OS.A95 in air conditioning, refrigeration and low temperature systems. The further developed rotor profiles and the generous flow cross-sections in the compressor also contribute to an efficient operation.

Furthermore, the integrated IQ module simplifies compressor operation, control and monitoring. The series includes the universal models of the OSKA series for all applications and the OSNA series for specific low temperature applications.

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