Occupational health and safety (OH&S) was the central theme at the JD Power stand at ARBS 2022.

JD Power has a well-established presence in the HVACR industry and is well known for providing products that contribute to a safe workplace. The company specialises in material handling trolleys and lifters.

Working from heights and confined spaces are part of the job for refrigeration and air conditioning technicians, as well as construction workers and managing these risks can be critical to the long-term success of any business.

But as JD Power points out it isn’t just about safety it’s also about providing quality equipment that keeps staff happy, improves productivity and reduces costs.

JD Power’s lifters which are routinely used for air conditioning installations allow technicians to do their job faster. A job that takes a few people can be completed by a single person using JD Power’s portable lifters.

JD Power made its name in HVAC with its CM340 portable lifter which is ideal for domestic and smaller commercial operators. It is constructed with heat-treated robust aluminium and requires no tools for set up.

The CM340 and CM520 turns a three-man job into a one-man operation. To operate the portable lifters a hand-held variable-speed trigger is used. This controls a compact electrical motor and winch which winds the robust mast up and down.

This is a popular model for getting indoor or outdoor units to second floor windows or balconies without the hassle of struggling upstairs.

The CM340 packs down easily and can be carried by one person to place in the back of a truck or even fit in the boot of a car. It weighs just 26.5kg including platform. The fold-out legs are individually telescopic and there is even a level indicator in the unit to ensure it is level before lifting.

It takes just 30 seconds to be ready to go as the unit is completely self-contained; the electric motor, gearbox and manual winch are integrated within the unit.

Also on display at ARBS 2022 was the Super Lifter (CA400) which has a loading height of 96cm. It is a counterbalance lifter that can lift 150kg up to four metres. It can also be used without counterweights. For those wanting to lift 200kg to four metres than the BD400 is the right choice.

The heavy lifters, CS (manual lifter) and ES (electric lifter) can lift 300kg to a range of different heights.

Trolleys were also featured on the JD Power stand including the ML2-P (platform) which can lift 120kg to one metre and after use can be folded up nice and compact.

The BD2-F (forks) attracted a lot of attention as it can lift 180kg to 3.74 metres. This new trolley style lifter can load 17cm from the ground. Heavy lifters were also on display which can lift 300kg to various heights.

JD Power also has a range of high-quality Diamond Core Drills. The core drills have soft starts and protection pads. The DF330 is a two-speed compact drill while the DF1000 can drill holes over 130mm.