Beijer Ref welcomes ARBS visitors to join them on Stand 520 to view the best from Beijer Ref Australia, Kirby and SCM REF Australia.

Innovation from each business, as well as their key suppliers will be on show, with some stand-out items sure to grab the interest of passersby.

With expanded capability in the Industrial sector, Beijer Ref Australia will partner with Danfoss to demonstrate the breadth of their industrial components range. Innovation from Patton includes the new Patton Q-series evaporator range on display as well as the new E-Series PattonPak condensing unit. 

Other key partners – Embraco and Emerson will also be on hand with new commercial refrigeration equipment and control solutions.

Kirby will present their newest Kirby commercial equipment ranges – the Kirby Nullarbor Peak condensing unit, Guardian and Heavy Duty Ready Connect evaporators, as well as fully customized solutions which remain part of Kirby’s expertise and equipment offer. Kirby will also feature Australian made ARMCOR Air Solutions.

The business was acquired by Beijer Ref in September 2021 and products are now available through the Kirby as well as Armcor sales network.

Kirby will present its commercial range and customised solutions.

With a growing customer base engaging in natural refrigerants, Beijer Ref welcomes visitors to explore some natural refrigerant solutions from SCM REF Australia.

The entire stand will highlight the wide range of equipment designed for Low GWP refrigerants, demonstrating Beijer Ref’s continued commitment to sustainable refrigeration technology.