The Reece Group stand is always a popular destination at the ARBS Exhibition and this year was no exception.

As expected there was a comprehensive product mix at the stand including tools and accessories that attract the attention of technicians and installers.

The Reece Group presented products and services via its three businesses – Actrol, Reece HVAC and Metalflex.

The stand featured products like the Tecumseh A2L condensing unit and the DC-3 smart refrigeration system which were favourites at the exhibition. There were also new products that drew a crowd including the Kaden R32 Multi range and the newly-released Helical Vari-Swirl electronic VAV diffuser from SmartAir Diffusion.

The DC-3 Smart Refrigeration System is well known to ARBS visitors, the plug and play system was a superstar at ARBS 2018 when it was first presented as a prototype.

It then went on to win the ARBS Product Excellence Award in 2020 which wasn’t surprising as the DC-3 is fully programmed, highly energy efficient and simple to install. The system arrives in a two-box kit and the condensing unit displays real time system information.

Actrol continues to invest in the DC-3 which has been approved for R448A refrigerant and can now connect up to five evaporators.

The Tecumseh A2L condensing unit also proved popular. Tecumseh showcased a prototype of the upcoming condensing units with A2L optimised compressors that can be used for cold rooms, display cases, refrigerated cabinets and beverage dispensers in food retail and services.

Compressors optimised with A2L refrigerants give users great alternatives to mid-sized system requirements that are too small for a typical CO2-based system and too large for a R290-based system.

A brand that has seen rapid growth in recent years is Kaden which was also featured at the Reece Group stand.

Built for Australia’s climate extremes, Kaden products are engineered to handle every situation with the range covering evaporative coolers, gas ducted heaters, ducted air conditions, cassettes, split systems, window air conditioners and the highly anticipated multi.

Kaden showcased an impressive range of R32 systems which have been designed for easy installation. Kaden is a trade focused brand that designs products with the installer in mind.

There were some new products on show from SmartAir Diffusion, a company renowned for quality products with superior performance.

The new SMARTEMP range of air diffusion products on display at ARBS were the HSC-VS Helical Vari Swirl, the LJC AD Linear Multi Jet Ceiling Diffuser and the BMW AD Bar Multi Stream Wall Diffuser.

Finally, the ACPAC VSD condensing unit always draws a crowd. The ACPAC range is designed in Australia to provide a robust energy efficient, fully fitted packaged range with world leading hermetically sealed reciprocating, scroll and semi hermetic reciprocating compressors. ACPAC uses premium compressors and large condensers in combination to ensure reliable refrigeration. The range is available in capacities from 1.8 to 33.6kW.