Decarbonisation was the theme at the GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies display at ARBS 2022, which fits with the company’s environmentally-friendly range of products.

Featured on the stand was the BluX chiller, which is currently being tested in Europe and features the Compax semi hermetic compressor, will be available for sale in Australia next year.

GEA BluAstrum, GEA BluGenium and GEA BluAir from the new range is highly compact, easy to install, energy efficient and sustainable.

The GEA Blu range includes a comprehensive range of chiller models offering outstanding efficiency that result in a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) up to 9.4.

Their sophisticated design can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 per cent and by using ammonia (R717) as the refrigerant, ozone depletion isn’t an issue as ammonia has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero.

Another range that attracted a lot of attention on the GEA stand was the RED heat pump series.

GEA’s APAC sales manager, Greg Clements, said the future of industrial heating belongs to environmentally friendly technologies such as heat pumps.

“The combination of ammonia with a wide range of waste heat sources makes GEA Red heat pumps particularly attractive,” he said.

“Carefully selected components such as efficient compressors, welded plate heat exchangers or 3D bent tubes provide maximum safety and reliability. Thanks to minimal weld seams in the refrigerant circuit, maximum safety is guaranteed even under demanding conditions.

“Our Red heat pump range can achieve water temperatures up to +95 degrees Celsius. This is maximum efficiency and reliability in an exceptionally small footprint.”

The brains behind all this precision engineering is the Omni Controller which has been designed as an open system.

As a result, it can monitor and control not only the relevant components from GEA, but also those from other brands.

Up to 25 unique users can be created, each with a customizable view of operating data, control parameters, and panel screens. Each unique user’s login history and actions are recorded in the panel for auditing purposes.

GEA Omni helps to minimise operator mistakes and system failure.

GEA’s SP1 screw compressor package complete with V-Trac vibration monitoring system and bearing temperature monitoring was also on display. While the compressors are suitable for all common refrigerants, GEA focuses on the natural refrigerants ammonia (NH3) and CO2

The redesigned reciprocating compressors from GEA, known as the V series, attracted a lot of attention.  The compressor was featured with the Grasso Maintenance Monitor, a compact microprocessor physically mounted on the compressor body to alert users of maintenance requirements and to manage the frequency of maintenance requirements.

GEA’s PR-OLEO premium quality oil which is a highly refined 2-stage hydrocracked lubricant formulated specifically for nh3 refrigeration also attracted considerable interest.

The GEA purger, which removes non-condensable gases from the refrigeration system to maximise efficiency, was also on display.