• Clearscope Legal founder, Raphael Brown.
    Clearscope Legal founder, Raphael Brown.

In the wake of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, the LaCrosse Tower fire in Melbourne and the evacuation of Sydney's Opal Tower, new legislation has been passed in a number of Australian states and territories.

While the shortcomings that precipitated these new laws were not HVACR-related, the resulting legal changes directly affect HVACR businesses and professionals.

The initial transition and grace periods have now passed, or will shortly come to an end.

The result is that various specialist services provided within the HVACR sector can now only be provided by or under the direct supervision of engineers registered under the new registration schemes.

The registration requirements are broad. Not surprisingly, registration is now required for technical design and consulting services that have always typically been provided by highly qualified professional engineers.

Registration requirements may also apply to a range of seemingly less-specialised construction, production and maintenance activities.

In this presentation,  Clearscope Legal partner Raphael Brown, will draw on his in-depth experience advising HVACR businesses, and provide important and practical insights into how these legal changes now apply throughout the HVACR sector.

Brown is the founder of Clearscope Legal, a commercial law firm with in-depth experience in the HVACR sector.

His clients range from national supermarket chains and energy companies, to SME manufacturers and suppliers.

He regularly advises on technical and compliance issues, as well as commercial contracts, intellectual property and dispute resolution.

Brown has also been a contributor to CCN Magazine.

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