A new addition to this year’s ARBS Exhibition was the Milieu Labs stand. Milieu Labs is an Australian company with locally engineered products that have certainly made an impact.

Since making their debut earlier this year the company has already won the prestigious Best in Class Good Design Award for its Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat.

The thermostat goes beyond temperature settings, it has seven built-in sensors covering everything from humidity and air quality to motion, light and sound.

Milieu has introduced the kind of smarts and versatility to its products that set them apart from the rest in a pretty busy market.

This unit gives homeowners and businesses unprecedented control over their environments like never before.

Not surprisingly, the stand attracted plenty of attention at ARBS 2022. There were several working models on display at the stand for visitors to get a first hand look.

The Milieu Climate is a world class air conditioning controller with a long list of smarts. For example, if the built-in sensors detect high humidity levels it will activate the Dry Mode function removing excess moisture and humidity from the air.

It also features a Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) sensor for a safer environment.

Of course the controller works with all the well established brands such as Daikin, Panasonic and Fujitsu just to name a few.

It utilises wireless technology known as Thread which is used by Amazon, Apple and Google in some of their smart products.

The unit’s zoning capabilities make it particularly attractive for commercial applications.

Mobile app connectivity allows the unit to control up to 64 air conditioners. It controls up to four zones as standard and up to nine zones with the zone module.

Through the Milieu Climate app, or by using a voice command with Alexa or Google, users can control their comfort from anywhere and at anytime without leaving their seat.

As a HVAC controller there are a long list of applications from gas ducted to VRF, hydronic heating, water cooled, heat pump and geo thermal.

The slick design means it is a stylish addition to any environment. The round interface on a 2.1 inch diameter display is easy to use. Using CNC machined aluminium, a laser engraved dial and glass screen, the Milieu Climate is built to last.

The good news is that Milieu Labs founder Kevin Mundy is currently in talks with distributors which means wider access to a great product.

With its built in WiFi and portability, the Milieu Climate was labelled the Best Smart Thermostat for Australia by 2022 Buyer’s Guide

It isn’t surprising really, this is a unit that delivers on all fronts when it comes to creating a climate-controlled smart home or business.