• Global warming
    Global warming

As part of the transition to net zero, property sector leaders are looking for cost effective ways to decarbonise building operations.

They are seeking out authoritative advice on decarbonisation options to guide investment decisions.

Will all buildings be fully electric? What's the role of renewable gasses like green hydrogen? Should offsets be a consideration for anyone in the built environment?

These questions will be answered in a session on day one of the ARBS seminar program which will be presented by the executive director of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), Alison Scotland.

ASBEC is a body of peak organisations committed to a vision of more sustainable, productive and resilient buildings, communities and cities.

ASBEC has engaged industry experts, SPR and DeltaQ to map out a pathway for fully decarbonised building operations, to ensure built environment and energy supply strategies are aligned to support a rapid and least cost pathway to net zero emissions.

Focusing on three plausible but divergent scenarios, this analysis will contribute to a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved, thereby assisting the property sector and policy makers to set the right transition course.

Scotland will present these scenarios during the session which begins at 2pm on 16 August, 2022.

Scotland’s experience encompasses public, private and non-profit organisations including Standards Australia and Sydney Water.

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