• Hydrochem CEO, Mike Lenton.
    Hydrochem CEO, Mike Lenton.

Passivation is the key to effective long term asset management.

This session at ARBS will look at the typical types of HVAC plant water circuits and the processes required during commissioning and beyond to achieve and maintain successful passivation.

The seminar is for anyone that has ever wondered why some HVAC plant water circuits suffer the premature failure of a critical asset while others operate for their expected life without incident?

Hydrochem CEO, Mike Lenton, will present this seminar entitled When the devil is in the water.

Lenton highlights the typical modes of failure of poorly passivated circuits, the common barriers to achieving a successful outcome before concluding with a case study that demonstrates how a more scientific and pre-emptive approach provides greater short and long term certainty of a successful outcome.

Lenton joined Hydrochem in June 2020 following 18 years as the general manager of Hydro Flow, another Victorian-based water treatment service provider.

Lenton is well-regarded throughout the industry for being passionate about service excellence and the delivery of technical solutions. His experience in industrial automation and process control (attained through the early part of his career with Honeywell and Mount Isa Mines) makes him a respected voice in the complex field of water treatment services and system design.

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