• Find out about the Smart Buildings Data Clearing House initiative.
    Find out about the Smart Buildings Data Clearing House initiative.

Accurate and detailed building data is needed to properly manage energy use and improve building operations and maintenance.

But access to this data is limited by lack of open standards and trusted processes for the linking and sharing of diverse data sets.

Smart Buildings Data Clearing House (DCH) addresses these challenges by enabling curation of data from a wide range of sources, increases the quality and value of data sets by linking them with contextual information, and facilitates innovators/ businesses to develop new smart building services and deploy them across multiple buildings.

DCH currently ingests data from nearly 50 buildings and supports hosting of various applications ranging from demand response optimal control to Measurement and Verification (M&V).

This presentation will provide an overview of the DCH platform, its features and handling of building metadata using standard information schema.

The speakers will show smart building application portability features of the platform using typical use cases.

Akram Hameed is a senior software engineer at CSIRO’s Data61 in the Cyber-Physical Systems Research Program. He works on the Senaps platform and applies expertise in IoT and software design to solve the industry challenges. He is also the tech lead for the DCH platform.

The second speaker is research group leader at CSIRO, Dr Subbu Sethuvenkatraman.

He is the smart buildings research focus area leader at CSIRO. As part of his current research, he is evaluating ways to use advances in digital technologies to reduce the built environment carbon footprint, evaluating strategies for smart buildings’ grid interaction and concepts for net zero buildings.

Sethuvenkatraman currently overseas the development of Data Clearing House (DCH) digital platform development activities within CSIRO.

In this role, he actively interacts with CSIRO’s digital researchers /modelers and with a range of external stakeholders to ensure the platform features meet the user needs.