Making its return to the ARBS Exhibition this year was S-5!, a manufacturer of metal roof attachment technology.

S-5! generated a lot of interest from installers, which can be attributed to the company’s unique product range.

Daily, there were live GRipperFix displays at the S-5! stand showing how quick and simple it is to install a split system air conditioner with these products.

HVAC contractors and technicians spend a lot of time on rooftops so the high level of interest shouldn’t come as any big surprise.

Although S-5! began in the United States 30 years ago, company founder, Rob Haddock recognised the need to create products specifically for the Australian market which he did in 2009.

“Unfortunately, competitors copied my products and sold them at three times the price, but since then, I have established newer and better patented products, along with much better distribution partners,” he said.

“I see the worst mistakes made by technicians when installing roof mounted splits; it is reminiscent of what I saw in the United States many years ago. And when it comes to split systems, Australia is a big market with a lot of splits.”

Our latest inventions have revolutionised HVAC installations,” Haddock said.

The GRipperFix technology ensures a secure and dependable attachment solution for roof-mounted utilities such as split system condensing units, duct support, communication equipment and service walkways.

This technology preserves the integrity of the roof and avoids destructive algae, corrosion and all inferior mounting methods.

GRipperFix lasts the life of the roof, maintains roof warranties and can be installed in seven minutes. Best of all, installations on concealed-fix roof profiles can be undertaken without penetrating the roof.

Another product on display was S-5!’s newest clamp, the CanDuit. It is a reliable pipe/ conduit securement when mounting to metal roofs.

CanDuit can be used in both residential and commercial settings and is ideal for a range of applications including solar, electrical, plumbing for gas or water and condensate drainage.

A product that is ideally suited to Australia’s growing clean energy industry is the PVKIT direct-attach solar mounting solution.

Haddock said the concept of combining photovoltaic arrays with metal roofing is growing.

“A concealed-fix metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules,” he said.

“The mounting components should be engineered to withstand environmental loads and last the life of the roof—ours are warranted to do just that.

“The PVKIT is also a great solution for attaching PV modules directly to many exposed-fastener roofs when paired with S-5! brackets and comes preassembled with either the MidGrab or EdgeGrab for easy, rail-less installation.”

There are too many clamps and brackets to list here but what makes these products so impressive is their simplicity.

Haddock said the level of interest at ARBS has been overwhelming.

“We’ve had hundreds of leads from tradies, not to mention the interest we’re getting from distributors and wholesalers,” he said.

“This is because our products are quicker, faster, better; it’s that simple.”

S-5! products are available in more than 70 countries and are produced in Texas at the company’s manufacturing facility which is 7,000 square metres of plant space. Check out to learn more.