The superstar at this year’s ARBS Exhibition was Temperzone’s Econex R32 Inverter range of packaged units, with the variable capacity rooftop system being recognised for product excellence at the ARBS Industry Awards.

As the winner of the Product Excellence Award it generated plenty of interest with visitors keen to get a closer look at the Econonex range.

This is a range designed to deliver exceptional seasonal energy efficiency through the implementation of leading system software and componentry.

Increased energy efficiency and effective load matching are key design aspects of the Econex OPA range. As standard, all unit’s feature EC plug fans and EC condenser fans, dual electronic expansion valves and inverter compressors.

It has also been designed to assist organisations in their carbon reduction efforts.

Temperzone offers R32 across a range of its commercial systems providing a 75 to 80 per cent reduction in GWP per kW of cooling/heating.

The range of R32 inverter Econex products comprises of vertical water cooled units, split ducted systems and air cooled package units.

While the Econex was the star of the show, the Temperzone stand also featured an extensive range of chilled water, water cooled, air cooled and hot water heat pump products.

Temperzone's In-line design revolutionised the way heat pump water heaters are applied. Through adapting an integrated whole system design ethos, Temperzone In-line solutions deliver comfort and convenience that is more cost effective, efficient and extremely reliable.

The ARBS showcase also featured  the soon to be released Clever MT air handling units. The MT range offers all the high quality features and benefits of the customised range but with a quicker lead time and more cost effective options for larger projects.


Another great innovator at this year’s ARBS Exhibition was Hitachi Cooling & Heating which showcased an impressive range of wall mounted split systems, multi split systems, cassettes and VRF systems.

Hitachi has taken VRF to the next level with its SideSmart range which offers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.

SideSmart is slim and modular delivering space saving installation advancements in mid-size commercial buildings whilst providing high performance air-conditioning with flexible controls and maximum comfort.

A first in the sector, the SideSmart VRF unit is an exclusive concept (for which measurements start from 1,650×1,050×420mm) and is the ideal choice for projects of all sizes, especially those with limited space.

Part of Hitachi’s VRF line up is its airCloud Pro multi-site IoT remote VRF management system. airCloud Pro is an intuitive app that anyone can use making the management of commercial air conditioning systems easy.

Hitachi products are renowned for their stylish design and the Silent Iconic cassette is no exception. The 4-Way Cassette Indoor Unit was designed to be ‘visually silent’ and to blend in with architectural spaces while delivering high-performance cooling and heating. 

Another show stopper, which boasts the latest in smart technology, was the P Series high wall system.  It features advanced Intelligent Image Sensor Technology which scans the room's layout and detects the number of people in the room (including their location and activity) to provide maximum comfort and energy savings.