• SmartAir Diffusion products
    SmartAir Diffusion products

Smartair Diffusion director, Sean Badenhorst, will introduce attendees to the patents-pending, low profile Helical Vari-Swirl electronic VAV diffuser.

It provides stable room temperature control independent of supply air temperature and pressure variations, enhances thermal comfort, improves energy efficiency, elevates indoor air quality, and increases flexibility to tenancy changes.

When combined with the optional Vari-Smart Controller, AHU supply air temperature and pressure are incrementally reset to achieve balance between fan energy, cooling plant energy, dehumidification, space ventilation, competing thermal zones and zone over-cooling/heating.

Optimised economiser operation is also provided, and mass-balance determined ventilation rates combined with both zone- and system-level demand control ventilation to achieve further energy savings and indoor air quality enhancements.

The presentation will take place in the exhibitor presentation theatre at the ARBS Exhibition from 16-18 August.

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