• ARBS Awards
    ARBS Awards

The ARBS 2024 Industry Awards have once again highlighted the exceptional talent and innovation within the HVACR and building services industry.

Celebrating the best in the sector, the awards were announced Wednesday night during a ceremony that recognised outstanding achievements in various categories.

Award Winners:

  • Young Achiever Award: Travis Schick, NRG Services
    Travis, celebrated as a “Top 20 Technician under 25 NextGen 2023,” is recognised for his technical excellence and leadership in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. He oversees major projects, contributes to essential services in rural areas, and mentors the next generation of HVAC-R professionals.
  • Project Excellence Award: Allianz Stadium - Mechanical and HVAC Services
    This project, involving LCI and A.G. Coombs, revolutionises energy efficiency and operational flexibility for Venues NSW. The new 42,500-capacity Allianz Stadium at Sydney’s Moore Park incorporates advanced sustainability measures and innovative HVAC solutions.
  • Software/Digital Excellence Award: Exergenics - Cloud-Based Chiller Plant Optimisation Software
    Exergenics' cloud-based solution optimises chilled water plants using machine learning, delivering significant energy savings and setting a new standard in HVAC system management.
  • Outstanding Industry/Training Award: Beijer Ref Academy CO2 Safety & Systems Training
    The collaborative course by SCM REF AU and Superior Training Centre upskills HVAC&R technicians in CO2 technology, offering national accreditation and hands-on training. This initiative addresses the industry's skills gap and aligns with environmental regulations.
  • Product Excellence (Refrigeration) Award: P Series Refrigerator, Hussmann Oceania
    The P Series, developed by Panasonic and Hussmann, epitomises advanced technology, eco-friendly design, and digital sophistication. This product line underscores a commitment to innovation and sustainability in the HVAC&R sector.
  • Product Excellence (HVAC) Award: Thermal XR, Graphene Manufacturing Group
    Thermal XR enhances thermal conductivity of heat exchange surfaces, improving efficiency and reducing power consumption. This innovative coating system, powered by GMG Graphene, offers significant energy savings and extends equipment life.

In addition to these awards, special recognition was given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry through the Hall of Fame induction:

Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • AIRAH: Klaas Visser (in memoriam)
  • CIBSE: Gemma Collins
  • RACCA: Carl Balke
  • AREMA: Bob Woodhouse
  • AMCA Australia: Andrew O'Connor

Tony Arnel, Chair of ARBS, said the awards are a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of professionals in the HVACR sector.

“Each year, we see a remarkable level of innovation and commitment to excellence, and this year is no exception,” he said.

“Congratulations to all the winners and Hall of Fame inductees for their outstanding contributions.”