• Planet Ark executive director, Paul Klymenko.
    Planet Ark executive director, Paul Klymenko.

A panel of experts will examine how circular economy practices are reshaping HVACR systems at the upcoming ARBS Exhibition.

From reimagining design to adopting advanced recycling, panellists will discuss challenges, opportunities, and breakthroughs in creating a more resource-efficient and environmentally conscious HVACR industry.

Learn about the economic viability, regulatory landscapes, and collaborative efforts driving this circular revolution. Join the Circular Economy journey to a sustainable future for HVACR.

A panel of experts will present this session including Camfil Australia managing director, Jonathan Bunge.

An experienced air filter specialist, Bunge has more than five years of experience in the filtration industry.

He holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Another panellist is Paul Klymenko, chief sustainability advisor and executive director of Planet Ark

He co-founded Australian Ethical, Australia’s first socially responsible investment manager with now over $8.5 billion under management, before he co-founded Planet Ark in 1992.

He is the key instigator of their Australian Circular Economy Hub which aims to inspire the transition to a carbon neutral circular economy in Australia.

The final panellist is Refrigerants Australia executive director, Greg Picker. He has more than 20 years experience in climate change and energy policy, with a particular focus on HFCs.

Picker joined Refrigerants Australia in 2013, and prior to accepting this role worked with AECOM.

The ARBS Exhibition will be held at ICC, Sydney from 28-30 May, 2024.