• This seminar session promises valuable insights into HVAC.
    This seminar session promises valuable insights into HVAC.

A panel of experts will explore the pivotal role of humidity control and its profound impact on environmental comfort, energy efficiency, and overall system performance at ARBS.

From uncovering the driving forces behind humidity regulation to discussing the far-reaching implications on design and technology, this seminar session promises valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of HVAC solutions.

The panel discussion will take place on day two of the ARBS seminar program commencing at 2pm.

The ARBS Exhibition will be held from 28-30 May, 2024.

Panellists include Duncan Curd, global business development leader at Dristeem. 

A graduate of the University of Toronto, his career focus has been on industrial and process automation and HVAC solutions.

He has worked at Siemens and been active in the field of humidification as general manager for Nortec (Condair). Curd has also been active with AHRI's education committee and ASHRAE's TC5.11 (humidification) & TC170 (health care facilities) committee.

Curd will be joined by Stefano Ruzzon, group head of sales & marketing at Carel.

Ruzzon is a mechanical engineer with an MBA. Also on the panel is Dean Scicluna, a director at Munters.

Scicluna has been working in the HVAC industry for 25 years specialising in humidity control for industrial and commercial applications as well as innovative cooling for the data centre industry.

He currently holds the position of director Pacific HCT (Humidity Control Technologies), at Munters.

He has been active in designing dehumidification, humidification, and cooling for battery manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, hospital surgeries, museum & gallery storage, defence preservation, data centres, food manufacturing and the utility industries.