• Automatic Heating stand.
    Automatic Heating stand.

Automatic Heating will unveil a range of new heat pumps at the upcoming ARBS Exhibition to be held from 28-30 May, 2024.

Heat pumps are paving the way for decarbonisation and supporting Australia’s net zero goals.

Visitors can see the new range at Stand Number 709.

The stand will feature CO2, R290, and high-temperature heat pumps, all designed for diverse applications.

Automatic Heating is particularly excited to showcase the Revere CHP080Y CO2 heat pump, which is the first commercial heat pump approved for Victorian (VEECs) and NSW (ESCs & PRC) government rebates.

This initiative offers significant cost-saving opportunities for businesses replacing electric resistance water heaters, gas boilers, or installing new heat pump systems.

Passionate about natural refrigerants, Automatic Heating is also pleased to feature the Revere CHE Series R290 heat pump.

It will be displayed alongside, a Thermex twin coil tank, cutout to explore its inner workings and role in hot water systems. And of course, the new high temperature heat pump to be revealed at the show!

Automatic Heating is proud to shine a spotlight on retrofit electrification solutions.

Join us at ARBS (Stand 709) to discuss how we can help you reach your sustainability goals.