National air filtration company, Airepure Australia, demonstrated its broad range of filtration solutions at this year’s ARBS Exhibition, from basic HVAC systems to high-end systems and advanced HEPA and ULPA filtration.

The company has its own range of air filtration products, accessories and NATA testing services, as well as partnerships with leading international companies such as Purafil Inc, Flanders CSC, Linair, Strobic Air, Air Scrubbers and Plasma Clean.

Servicing clients from a diverse range of industries, including commercial, industrial, and wastewater; Airepure is a leading supplier of HEPA filtration for hospitals, health science laboratories and research facilities.

“We could provide something as simple as general HVAC filters for air handling units, right through to something very specialised for a secure research facility - where airborne containment systems and OGTR (Office of Gene Therapy Regulator) compliant insect barriers are required to make sure that nothing bioactive goes out or in,” explains Airepure’s Shannon Roger. “These could be PC3 or PC4 rated labs, which may be dealing with highly infectious diseases and viruses.”

With its own team of in-house engineers and specialists, Airepure can provide highly customised solutions to tailor a particular customer’s needs.

“In our head office, we have an in-house engineering team, estimating and project management team,” says Roger. “Then in our individual office warehouse locations around Australia, we have significant local technical expertise and experience through our technical representatives, service divisions and warehousing locations. We can provide solutions from basic sales, installation and service - handle everything from system design right through to installation and maintenance. We provide a whole solution with full service - a one stop shop, so to speak.”

Products featured at this year’s industry event included a Flanders CSC bag-in-bag-out containment housing, complete with a scan section, bubble-tight dampers and gauges. There was also an exhaust air-terminal module with a pre-filter and a 250 micron stainless steel insect screen, HEPA filtration products and a selection of gas-phase odour-control products from the company’s Purafil range.

The company has been very diligent in keeping ahead of industry standards and regulations, offering a range of products, services and consulting expertise that can assist with compliance.

“The task of compliance with relevant standards and regulations can be quite daunting, and many people are not sure where to start,” explains Roger. “We make sure that we've got products that will help people to comply with current standards.”

Energy efficiency has always been front-of-mind for Airepure. “We've always had an ethos of providing good quality products. We may not always be the cheapest, but we definitely will fill a purpose of providing the best filtration with the best energy savings over time,” he says. “We provide a better product that will last longer and require less maintenance. That is real long term total value for our clients.”

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