Possibly winning the award for the coolest stand at ARBS 2018 would have to be Totaline.

While the cheerful personnel were always ready to chat, the company still had a serious message.

Totaline is changing with the times and going natural. No longer known in the industry as a spare parts supplier, today Totaline has become a force in the industry with a full range of refrigeration product: package condensing units, cabinet coolers, evaporators, roof top package units and air cooled chillers.

Totaline hold the extensive range of Pioneer air conditioning units using Engas natural refrigerants. Pioneer's ducted and splits come in 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5kW, 7kW and 8kW. All units are fully optioned and use Engas M60 non-toxic, environmentally sound refrigerant gas.

Totaline also sell the complete range of Engas environmentally friendly refrigerant for the Australian market. These hydrocarbon refrigerants are approximately 50 per cent more efficient conductors of heat than fluorocarbon refrigerants with 20 per cent lower operating pressures, saving on power bills.

Support from Totaline's partnership with Embraco saw the range of compressors and condensing units on display.

Especially useful was a cutaway compressor, which helped visitors understand the internal structure of Embraco compressors and the working principles.

Experts from Embraco were on hand during the exhibition and making presentations on the company's R290 'plug and cool' units for cabinet coolers, small coolrooms and food cabinets.

Totaline's partnership with Airef saw on display an R290 30 kilowatt package condensing unit using Frascold semi-hermetic compressors. Complete with all the options including a leak detector for additional safety inside the unit.

An interesting feature of these units is that they use Carel electronic expansion valves and Zeihl-Abegg electronically-commutated fans to achieve excellent results.

Also available, with scroll hermetic options, are Totaline’s range of standard package units having an impressive feature list with optional features depending on application.

Ranging from 1.5kW up to 22kW, in low and medium temperature applications and specially designed for harsh Australian conditions. The standard condensing or package unit will perform in both medium and low temperature applications, from +5° Celsius to -35°C using R404a.

Totaline are also associated with Actron Controls whose soft starters and day-to-day use controls are available in all stores. Totaline also represent as distributors of Skope parts across all 11 branches in Australia.

Being a wholesaler and because of Totaline's partnerships with international companies such as Actron Controls, Danfoss, Emerson, Frascold, Ranco, Sanhua, Schneider, Eliwell, Sporlan ,Testo, ZoomLock as well as many others already mentioned, Totaline is equipped to support the contractor and tech with whatever they require.

Want to make some changes to a Totaline packaged unit? Then order whatever parts you need and build up your own unit for any unique application.

As the HFC refrigerant phase out takes hold, Totaline is already on the front foot, offering a full training facility for hydrocarbon refrigerants.

The relaxed ambience of the Totaline ARBS exhibition stand was to reflect its motto of 'making life easy'. By that they mean making it easy for you.



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