After many years of R&D this wholesaler launched what it believes to be the future in small refrigeration.

Joining together with its partners, wholesaler Actrol had the largest exhibit at this years ARBS. They had plenty to put on show. But it was the global launch of its DC-3 Smart Refrigeration unit that held centre stage.

Actrol is bringing the plug-and-play simplicity of split system household air conditioning into small business walk-in cold rooms.

The DC-3 is a fully-programmable, highly energy efficient unit that is unbelievably simple to install. It is designed with the latest in technology including the new brushless DC scroll compressor, which greatly reduces outdoor noise.

Project lead designer is Actrol’s own Roger Stringer who said the ARBS launch has been incredibly well received, “chatting to our customers about the new system, they were really excited about not only the new tech. but also the potential savings to their energy costs.”

The control system is integrated into all three components of the system enabling real time adjustments to maximise the coefficient of performance (COP). Laboratory testing is pointing towards energy savings of around 30 per cent compared to a conventional refrigeration system.

Suction and condensing pressures float to minimise energy input while providing very stable room temperature control. Thus the DC-3’s stable room temperatures will extend the shelf life of many products. Compressor cycling is almost eliminated and defrosts minimised.

Customers can also bank on a long system life with features such as a speed boost function, which temporarily increases the compressor speed to assist oil return; plus electronic expansion valve (EEV) controlled oil return with liquid injection and an evaporator washing cycle that flushes oil from the evaporator to maximise heat transfer.

The design and construction of the DC-3 involved Actrol drawing on the expertise of four of its collaborators, each world renowned organisations: Siam Compressor Industries, Carel, Tecumseh and Cabero.

Siam Compressor Industries supply the brushless DC scroll compressor, Carel provide the electronic controls, Tecumseh manufacture the outdoor unit and Cabero supply the uniquely specified evaporator fitted with EVD ice.

The system will be packaged in two cartons like a split system air conditioner with the outdoor unit and controller in one carton and the indoor unit in another. Thus transport of the system is easy in the back of a standard truck and the finished installation realises a small footprint.

DC-3 will be available throughout Actrol’s national distributor network well in time for the summer season.

Also on show were Tecumseh’s Compac packaged condensing units, Evo-aqua water-cooled units, Acpac VSD units, Emerson TX7 expansion valves and the Castel compressor oil management system. Visitors to the stand could view Actrol’s Flexitrak refrigerant tracking system using Prime Refrigeration gases.

Beside the DC-3, one of the most popular pieces of equipment was Rothenberger’s MaxiPro press fitting system for copper tubing. Demonstrations of how strong the jointing tool connected copper piping continued all day.

For further information contact your local Actrol branch.

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