Auto Mossa

Late in 2016 Auto Mossa started manufacturing its new generation doors. R&D and innovation has been central to the company’s success with large projects completed in Australia and New Zealand.

The Auto Mossa high performance doors are designed for three main sectors of industry: Cold Storage, Food and Beverage, and Distribution and Logistics.

The HyperFreeze insulated door has excellent performance for freezer applications, as they have the highest level of insulation for this door type on the market. This has been achieved with airstrips that separate the curtain when rolled and avoid compression of the insulation material.

For Chiller applications Auto Mossa designed the HyperChill. This is unique in the sector as it has insulation in addition to the curtain material and like the HyperFreeze, airstrips are used to maintain thermal efficiency throughout the life of the door.

For low thermal requirements, Auto Mossa developed the HyperGlide. Here the airstrip curtain separation allows for higher speeds, greater wind-load performance and quieter operation.

The company’s products prove that Auto Mossa is responsive to customer needs.

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