Every ARBS it’s a given that BITZER Australia will put a large display together. This year was no different but it was its smaller units that drew most attention.

The ECOSTAR air-cooled condensing unit from BITZER is designed as an energy-efficient unit to meet Europe’s latest environmental requirements with regards to efficiency criteria.

The products thus offer long-term planning and investment security for users, offering up to 25 per cent energy savings. Low noise and reliable operation, ease of installation and use, as well as their low maintenance are distinguishing features of the ECOSTAR.

The two units available feature an improved mini-channel condenser, which means they require less refrigerant while also being more efficient than predecessors.

The ECOSTAR also features electronically commutated fans to save a significant amount of energy. Fan speeds can be easily adjusted and, along with the ECOLINE VARISPEED compressor, energy use is optimised with a low number of switching cycles.

As with all BITZER products, these condensing units offer a reliably long lifespan and low maintenance demands. The controller, with its remote monitoring as standard, provides comprehensive functions to ensure reliable and efficient operation at all times.

This sleek German-designed unit was operating on the stand to show attendees how easy it is to operate and maintain. The ECOSTAR range is available for numerous refrigerants and future-ready for other refrigerants as they are developed.
The robust weather protective housing is made from galvanised and powder-coated metal.

The user-friendly controller provides full control and monitoring as well as user-defined functions. A data logger provides full information for evaluation of operating data and can be downloaded via the integrated web server for remote access and remote maintenance.

Along with the BITZER BEST software, this year BITZER is putting its rapidly developing digital technologies at the heart of the stand, with equipment that is future-proof, easy to operate and built to the highest standards.

The ECOSTAR’s little brother will also be on display for the first time – the new BITZER ECOLITE.

Constructed with the reliable ECOLINE compressor at its heart, the ECOLITE is an efficient condensing unit offering proportional capacity variation and plug-and-play controls, all wrapped in an attractive yet robust design. To add to BITZER’s portfolio, it recently announced the acquisition of the world-renowned shell-and-tube heat exchanger segment of Alfa Laval from Italy.

This will ensure BITZER will be the largest independent manufacturer in the shell-and-tube heat exchanger market worldwide. BITZER operates in some 100 countries with around 16,400 employees.

On the service side, BITZER Australia is now adding to its offering with the launch of the Green Point service cycle maintenance concept. Green Point has been established internationally for many years but was only recently launched in the Australian market.

The service arm of BITZER, it offers after sales services and assistance to the local market. The six points of access are connected to the equipment’s life-cycle: start-up, continual auditing, maintenance logistics, repairs and replacements.

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