Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air conditioners Australia (MHIAA) showcased its latest products for both residential and commercial applications.

ARBS 2018 saw Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditions Australia (MHIAA) showcase its latest products for both residential and commercial applications with the highlight being the launch of the new, Avanti PLUS platinum series of residential split system air conditioners.

Engineered by renowned, Italian industrial design firm Tensa; the Avanti PLUS continues the European theme of MHIAA’s previous split systems and boasts a sophisticated and modern design and was even awarded the Silver A’Design Award in 2017.

The new reverse cycle series comes in five capacities - 2.0kW,2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW and 6.0kW - all using the R32 gas.

A high coefficient of performance and excellent energy efficiency is achieved in both heating and cooling modes
with the 2.0kW featuring a market leading 7 star “Super Efficiency” energy rating. As well as being super energy efficient, the Avanti PLUS is one of the quietest units on the market, with the indoor unit achieving a whisper quiet 19 dB(A) on ultra low mode.

The series also comes packed with a range of new convenient functions and features including an energy saving motion sensor, which monitors the level of activity within the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly, an improved automatic mode which ensures precise temperature control, 3D auto mode which utilizes three independently controlled motors to deliver air evenly around the room and a new LED display with adjustable brightness control.

In addition to their new split systems MHIAA also showcased their new zoning solution, Airzone. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications and compatible with MHIAA’s ducted inverter and VRF ducted systems, the Airzone zoning solutions offers the ultimate level of comfort by providing complete temperature control over each individual zone and in turn, delivering high energy efficiencies and huge cost savings.

Designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Europe, Airzone’s intelligent motorised dampers provide control over each zone’s temperature by automatically adjusting their position and regulating airflow depending on each zone’s weighting, set temperature, current temperature and system fan speed.

Airzone has three different controllers to suit all setups and requirements which allow users to control and monitor the temperature in up to 10 zones, access timers, scheduling and other advanced features while remaining easy to use.

Airzone’s communication gateway allows for easy integration with a range of building management and home automation systems (including ModBus, BACnet &KNX) providing central control of up to 32 systems and giving you the ability to closely monitor energy consumption and other usage data.

The AirzoneCLOUD app provides complete control over each individual zone from an iPad, iPhone or Android device. As well as showcasing an impressive range of residential air conditioners, packaged systems, multi-split systems and variable refrigerant flow systems, MHIAA also treated attendees to an authentic Japanese experience with a traditional sushi masterchef serving freshly made sushi on their stand.


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