Long associated with natural refrigerants, the GEA stand at ARBS 2018 showed a full range of what this major player has to offer.

A company name in business for over 130 years, GEA has a comprehensive range of compressors, refrigeration racks, screw chiller packages and outdoor condensing units.

The company is primed to provide clients with all the advice and support needed when making the switch to either ammonia, carbon dioxide or any of the hydrocarbons.

As with all companies that have lasted over the years, GEA is also keeping pace with the latest in digital controls to monitor and maintain its equipment for the best in output and longevity.

The GEA compressor racks are engineered to customers’ requirements using GEA Bock HG semi hermetic compressors.

The racks can run on synthetic or natural refrigerants in capacities from 15 kilowatts to up to 500kW.

Each rack is made for heavy duty work with all piping designed to reduce elbows. Full options are available to suit each application.

The Bock semi hermetic compressors come in a wide selection of four, six and eight cylinders to make for easy capacity regulation. Models on display at ARBS continue the same quality.

Both the HG7e and HG88e include GEAs MexxFlow a double ring fin construction of the valve plate for flow optimisation.

GEA’s large range of screw packages, from 100 kilowatt to 9000kW, are available for a broad application range. In single, two or duo stage, packages are working efficiently in industrial cooling, freezing and air conditioning industries.

The screw packages are plug-and-play with all requirement premounted and wired on a common base rack frame, ready for delivery.

Providing the service technician and the end-user with all necessary control and information is the GEA proprietary Omni control panel on each rack.

A large digital display provides full communication with the screw compressor and also provides remote access over the net.

Included on display was the GEA Plusbox SSV vertical outdoor unit. These small footprint units are new to the market. It includes the GEA Bock semi hermetic E series compressor.

Further production will incorporate the forthcoming 76 series compressor which is due later this year. Due to the efficiency of these compressors the footprint for this 15 model range is relatively small to suit any situation.

The Plusbox is well designed for Australian conditions with generous condensor sizes. Fully wired and ready to go, the units operate on synthetic refrigerants.

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