Toshiba Air Conditioning and Carrier Air displayed an impressive array of new products at their ARBS show stand.

On display in separate sections across the strikingly designed stand were the latest from the Toshiba and Carrier residential, light commercial and VRF products.

However, as John Caione, Business Unit Manager for Residential and Light Commercial Products said, “the highlight feature of the stand was the new Single Fan Mini VRF and Super Slim Ducted products.”

The Single Fan Mini VRF and Super Slim Ducted products are small, smart and ideal for the continuing boom in modern apartment and townhouse developments right around the country.

The Toshiba Single Fan Mini VRF can connect up to six indoor units with four models including 8kW, 11.2kW, 14kW & 15.5kW. With a small footprint and a maximum height of 910mm, it allows for both style and plenty of balcony room.

Complementing the Single Fan MiNi VRF is the Super Slim Ducted with its low profile, the brilliance here is that it has a height of only 210mm and a depth of just 450mm.

Moreover, the largest unit at 8kW is only 1100mm wide, handy for solutions to a variety of challenging applications found in apartment developments such as bulkhead applications and above wardrobes in bedrooms.

John also remarked: “Technicians are impressed when it comes to ease of installation and servicing of the Single Fan MiNi VRF. Both air intake and discharge are interchangeable to either rear or bottom configuration, and the electrical connections are outside of the unit, allowing for easy access to all terminals and power source for the Super Slim Ducted.”

In addition to these exciting products, Toshiba and Carrier Air displayed a comprehensive range of controls via a simulated fully functional controls wall, which was a great way to experience the latest Touchscreen and Smart Manager in action. These building management system controllers showcased just how solutions to many of today’s building needs can be met.

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