Why struggle lifting heavy equipment when an easy power lifter will take the strain and the worry out of hard work.

All over the ARBS 2018 trade show there were manufacturers espousing the virtues of their air conditioning units. It seems each year they are getting lighter and smaller in footprint.

But one thing never changes despite this continual march of technology. Air conditioning is a physical and dangerous job and will always be so.

Occupational safety and health is a growth industry and it becomes a simple choice for contractors and installers to look at ways of reducing the costs of injury to their workers and themselves.

Purchasing a portable lifter from JD Power is affordable, cost-effective and an efficient use of funds.

JD Power lifters have machines to suit most installation jobs. The most popular range is its power lifters with three models able to lift up to 150 kilograms up to four metres in height.

The smallest and most popular unit, the CM340, will lift 120kg to a maximum height of 3.3m (130kgs to 3m). This is a popular model for getting indoor or outdoor units to second floor windows or balconies without the hassle of struggling up stairs.

The CM340 packs down easily and can be carried by one person to place in the back of a truck or even fit in the boot of a car. It weighs just 26.5kg including platform. The fold-out legs are individually telescopic to ensure a level platform for the lifting and there is a level indicator in the unit.

It takes just 30 seconds to be ready to go as the unit is completely self-contained; the electric motor, gearbox and manual winch are integrated within the unit. The manual winch can be driven by handle or by electric drill. Options available include: wheels, plasterboard cradle, glass window suction cradle and extension arms.

The largest power lifter is the CA400, which will lift 150kg nearly 4m. This larger unit is wheeled into position where a further four wheels are lowered to ensure stability with a 101 centimetre by 97 centimetre base.

If a larger lifter is required, JD Power Lifters has you covered. There are a range of lifter models to suit different industry requirements: vertical lifters that will lift from 250kg to 300kg to heights ranging from 3.3m to 8.5m.

At JD Power there are lifters to suit whatever work is required. The versatility ensures they will come in handy in any situation where you want to remove the sweat and danger of lifting heavy equipment.

Ask your favourite supplier for more information or contact JD Power Tools.

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