By using their proprietry 'El Machino' to pump-down systems in record time, A-Gas is here to save customers time and money.

The ARBS trade show proved to be a sure winner for refrigerant supply company A-Gas who launched its proprietary gas recovery service, Rapid Recovery in to the Sydney market.

The fully equipped Rapid Recovery truck carries pumps, cylinders and tools to allow refrigerant to be pumped out of systems a far greater speed than conventional methods; saving equipment owners money and technicians valuable time.

The Rapid truck and a fully trained technician will come to any workplace and pump out the refrigerant up to ten times faster than normal. The system can be pumped into partial vacuum saving on refrigerant losses to atmosphere thereby minimising damage to the ozone layer and impact on global warming. The service operates to the company’s strict policy of Zero Harm to the environment and workers.

All refrigerant recovered is documented in accordance with Australia’s Arctick requirements. When A-Gas Rapid Recovery performs a job site recovery, it assumes the responsibility and liability for the refrigerant contained in the system.

By the end of 2018 an A-Gas Rapid Recovery unit will be available 24/7, in the five major state capitals around Australia. The service will be targeted to provide refrigerant recovery to a wide range of industries including: HVAC, refrigeration, demolition, marine and more.

Rapid Recovery was originally founded in the USA in 2002 and joined the A-Gas Group in 2016. It has continued to expand globally, with the service launching in the UK in 2017 and South Africa in 2018.

A-Gas has operated in Australia for over 20 years and have always remained ahead of the curve supplying current and next generation refrigerants to the market.  A-Gas has regularly added new products to their portfolio including refrigerant recycling and recently analytical services.

The Refrigerant Health Check is designed to provide full analysis of the fluids in use in a system to determine contaminant levels and advise on actions to rectify problems.

Refrigeration equipment is a major capital expense for equipment owners that contributes heavily to electricity consumption.

Contaminated refrigerant can impact on system life and energy performance so it is beneficial to use the Refrigerant health check for routine maintenance and to provide a starting point when a contract is taken out to service a new piece of equipment.

When an RHC is analysed by A-Gas, the technician will receive a detailed certificate of analysis to verify its suitability. The refrigerant health check is convenient, simple and transparent.

The A-Gas range of refrigerants is extensive, from the popular to the obscure. It operates in all sectors where refrigerants are used: automotive, residential, commercial and industrial.

The company stocks HCFCs, HFCs, the new generation of HFO’s, and natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons, ammonia and CO2.

It also has supplies service gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and acetylene as well as reclaim and pump down cylinders.

A-Gas is an international group of companies with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, other facilities are in continental Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, China, Thailand and the USA.

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