Measuring IAQ can be a complicated and time consuming process, but the Testo 440 works to simplify and perfect the process.

Exhibiting at ARBS can be a lot easier when you are a testing and measuring instrument company!

Testo’s stand may have been one of the smaller ones but its range of tools is as expansive as it is unparalleled.

What better way to highlight the comprehensive range of Testo AC/refrigeration equipment than with a refrigeration unit at the front of the stand displaying the company name in frozen letters.

All over the system were clamped the Testo Smart probes that record, log and measure each section of the HVACR system, all twelve of the tools from velocity and pressure to temperature/humidity.

The hero product Testo wished to highlight this year was the 440 IAQ measuring instrument, which Testo says represents a new era for smart HVACR control.

The Testo 440 combines a compact handheld measuring instrument with intuitive measurement menus and a wide selection of attachable air velocity and IAQ probes.

The ability to have a universal base unit to which the technician attaches the relevant probe is an obvious advantage. No longer having to carry either a large case full of different measuring instruments or, indeed, forgetting the one you need and having to trudge back to the vehicle to retrieve it.

This wireless Bluetooth unit takes away the need for wires and cables while its large screen can show a range of measurements for a better understanding of the system at a single glance.

The menus are intuitive and can display three different values at once. Whether it be: volume flow, humidity, degree of turbulence, cooling/heating load or indoor air quality, all the values and more can be stored on the unit or downloaded via a USB port to a spreadsheet.

All off only 3 AA batteries with a twelve hour run life. The Testo 440 weighs only 250 grams and sits comfortably in the palm of the hand.

At ARBS, Testo also held a product presentation titled ‘The smart world of HVACR’ to show the industry its latest smart measurement solution and how it can save time and money for everyone in the HVACR Industry.

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