Scantec Refrigeration, managing director, Stefan Jensen, will present a seminar on the decommissioning of several existing HFC based, air-cooled refrigeration plants servicing a refrigerated warehouse and the replacement of these with a central, low charge, dry expansion, NH3 based refrigeration plant.

This ARBS session will draw on comparisons between the recorded energy performances of the new DX, NH3 system and those of the previous HFC based systems.

The analysis will review the supply authority records of the electrical energy consumed by the HFC plant and the consumption records generated using the SCADA system of the new ammonia plant, as well as an economic comparison between NH3 DX and an equivalent transcritical CO2 system.

It is expected to be a popular session at next year's ARBS Exhibition to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from Monday, February 15 to Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

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