Global manufacturer of actuator, valve and sensor solutions, the Belimo Group, has announced room sensors and room operating units to complement its existing sensor range.

They feature simple, clear aesthetics and are ideal for installation in visible areas, as they feature an elegant design and shallow depth that blends perfectly with the surroundings. 

Belimo strives to offer products of the highest quality and reliability standards, while still offering a user-friendly design. That is why Belimo room sensors have the slimmest profile of any active sensor on the market. 

Even the multi-parameter temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor has a depth of just 22 mm, while still providing reliable operation. This simple, unobtrusive design ensures they fit seamlessly into any room, for ultimate room comfort without compromise.

Belimo room sensors and room operating units have been designed to be easily installed by avoiding mounting and wiring errors. They combine innovative technology with simple installation for trouble-free long-term operation.

The sensors feature removable spring-loaded terminal blocks with push-in terminals enabling simple, time-saving and secure connections. The versatile mounting plate fits all commonly used wall boxes around the world. 

Commissioning and troubleshooting are further simplified by the Belimo Assistant App, which uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable straightforward setting of critical parameters via a smartphone. It has been developed to put the settings and operating data for all our active Belimo room devices at your fingertips.

Using your smartphone’s NFC function, it provides wireless, efficient configuration, control and on-site operation of room sensors, even if the sensor is not connected to a power supply.

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