Check out this revolution in clean air movement – the ALP active medical grade duct.

Since the conception of air movement within buildings, humans have struggled to ensure air quality remained fresh and without contaminants.

This is no easy feat; the premises of cooling air lend its self to poor air quality.

“As we continue to grow our cities and live in closer quarters, we find ourselves in an ongoing battle against the microbes that are displaced through the ducting system,” according to Jim Malek, the managing director of Ductus Australia.

“Ducts particularly are the ultimate breeding ground for such pathogens.

“Poor maintenance and poor-upkeep compromise the whole HVAC system.”

Forty years of development and market research has given ALP an insight into the predicaments faced by engineers in designing a system which ensures clean air distribution.

“Over the years of presenting duct work to consultants, contractors, and occupiers alike, one issue has always stood out; How do we maintain air quality? Malek asked.

“We now have a solution; its why we have chosen to bring this technology into Australia. There is nothing else that comes close to the patented ALPactive system, a fully integrated system that has been shown to surpass the European Medical Institute's expectations.”

Ever since the beginning of air movement within buildings, Healthcare has always remained the primary objective.

“The HVAC industry has provided us with many alternative solutions, however; not until recently has there been anything like what ALP has been able to develop,” Malek said.

With decades of research and advancements; endless amounts of securitising by both internal and independent parties like the European Medical Institution, Malek said ALPs anti-microbial patented “active” system provides a true anti-microbial solution.

Silver, a natural occurring element has been long known for its powerful anti-microbial ability, ALP has taken that element and formed it into a Silver Zoelite compound which they embedded in the internal lining of the duct work.

The compound actively seeks out and destroys over 600 known pathogens varying from yeasts, mould, bacteria, and viruses including Legionella Pneumophila, Salmonella Choleraesuis and Staphylococcus aureus.

“ALP is relentless in ensuring excellence in air quality with recognition by many globally esteemed facilities with some of the most rigorous such as the FDA and HY Germany,” he said.

For more information about the technology and resources of this full antimicrobial system, contact Ductus/ALPs representative in Australia/NZ at or visit the website at

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