The Air Conditioning Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) has made the decision to operate as a single national industry association for Australian HVAC companies.

AMCA CEO, Scott Williams, said the move follows a three-year review of all its state-based activities.

“The time is finally right for AMCA state-based entities to formally join forces. Over recent years, members in all states and territories have consistently reported tougher operating conditions across almost every aspect of their business,” Williams said.

“Such pressures have naturally increased member demand for broader, higher-quality, and more innovative products and services.

“In light of these shared challenges, all AMCA entities have been working together to explore ways of ensuring we can meet these needs while keeping our membership offering as affordable as possible.”

Williams said this means taking the best of what each state has to offer to deliver including stronger representation, higher quality products and services and a better membership experience.

Williams said preparations have been underway for some time and the move coincides with AMCA’s 60 year anniversary.

He said AMCA is well positioned for the transition.

"It's a big decision, after sixty years, to move from a state-based model to a national one,” Williams said.

"But it's not a decision that's been taken lightly, nor hastily.

“Our dedicated staff have been busy preparing for the transition, and I can assure members that we are embracing the opportunity to reimagine our product and service offering – and how we deliver it".

The relaunch of AMCA Australia will see a refreshed membership offering that better reflects the modern needs and make-up of the Australian commercial HVAC industry.

HVAC contractors and service and maintenance businesses will continue to be the association's primary focus; however, other membership categories will cater to a diverse range of organisations that play an important role in the health and prosperity of the industry.

Inaugural president of AMCA Australia, Michael Anthony, stressed the importance of maintaining a strong presence in every state and territory.

"From occupational licensing to health and safety laws, many of the operating conditions faced by HVAC companies are determined at the state and territory level," Anthony said. "Member companies must continue to receive local support—and they will.

"In fact, the new model will allow our executive directors and local staff to connect more regularly with members while empowering them to focus more closely on state and territory issues.

While excited about the next phase in the AMCA's history, Anthony also wished to pay tribute to the many people—including members, boards, staff, and industry colleagues—that have supported all AMCA state entities over the years.

"Though I admit to a touch of sentimentality about the loss of our stand-alone state entities, I am confident that this proposal will lead to an even stronger association that can serve our members and our industry for decades into the future,” he said.

“And, on behalf of the newly appointed board of directors, I would like to thank all our members for the trust placed in us to continue serving their interests.”



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