Australian company, Cognian Technologies, has announced a partnership with Microsoft, Barhead,Reekoh and Mirvac to deliver a healthy building solution to provide employees with a safe return to work.

A provider of wireless smart building infrastructure, Cognian Technologies, will co-develop digital solutions for the property market utilising its unified data connectivity platform, Syncromesh.

Microsoft Australia’s chief partner officer, Rachel Bondi, said the company’s Azure IoT, in conjunction with Cognian, will be a key component in providing an end to end smart building solution in the age of COVID-19.

Cognian CEO, Mark Blum, said today’s focus in the built environment is on improving health and well-being.

“Collaborating with technologies such as Microsoft Azure IoT is a huge step in our mission to transform buildings into human-centred spaces which evolve as the needs of the people who inhabit them change,” Blum said.

IOT data integration platform provider and new Cognian partner, Reekoh, will extend Syncromesh beyond infrastructure into human-centric solutions.

This is a major step towards realising Syncromesh Smart Canopy as a Service (SCaaS) by enabling cross-integration with legacy, major application and platform providers, according to Dale Rankine, CEO and Co-founder of Reekoh.

"Our partnership with Cognian is about taking the infrastructure data and reaching into organisations and the applications they use to operate, support and maintain their facilities and businesses to provide even greater value, insights and outcomes,” Rankine said.

"Our platform's Internet of Things (IoT) integration capability, delivered through agile and low-code tools, was a fantastic fit for what Cognian is doing in the market."

Cognian has also partnered with Barhead, a developer of business solutions which leverages  Microsoft’s Digital Technology Stack.

Barhead’s Workforce Management App is being updated to take advantage of Cognian’s Syncromesh capabilities.

Cognian has deployed an end-to-end solution into the Barhead/Reekoh head office in Sydney for the safety of staff and visitors, and as a ‘live lab’ for smart building beyond COVID-19.

The deployment showcases the sophistication and extensibility of the solution, which focuses on building efficiency, tenant experience and new forms of value at its core.

Barhead CEO, Ken Struthers, said work environments will only become more multi-dimensional and dynamic post-pandemic.

He said business solutions must be adaptive, secure and scalable above anything else.

“We know it’s a combination of people, technology and business drivers that underpin the most successful implementations. This is why the combination of our Workforce Management App and Cognian’s Syncromesh capabilities, bringing together best of breed teams and technologies, is so powerful in terms of helping owners, managers and occupants navigate and effectively operate the post-COVID workplace,” Struthers said.

 A site at Australian Technology Park (ATP) has been selected by Mirvac to showcase and demonstrate the Syncromesh solution in an actual customer environment.

Mirvac Ventrues general manager, Sean Sanson, said technologies that give tenants and owners easier ways to manage an ever-mounting range of pressures from cost-control to sustainability, and – now more than ever – hygiene, safety and wellness, are in high demand.

“Often developers and customers need to see tech in action to understand its social and bottom-line impact, so we’re working closely with Cognian to showcase Syncromesh at one of Sydney’s most well-known sites,” he said.





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