• Carrier headquarters.
    Carrier headquarters.

Carrier is partnering with the US Department of Energy to develop next-generation heat pump technologies that result in higher efficiency light commercial rooftops units with reduced life cycle costs.

The Better Buildings Commercial Heat Pump Accelerator is aimed at addressing the climate crisis by accelerating energy innovation – pushing cutting-edge, more sustainable electrification technologies from lab to market faster, with the added benefit of lowering energy costs.

According to the Department of Energy, heat pump packaged rooftop units (RTUs) are estimated to reduce GHG emissions and energy costs by up to 50 per cent compared with conventional natural gas-burning models.

The Commercial Building Heat Pump Accelerator will work with commercial building owners, operators and manufacturers to accelerate the development and adoption of heat pump packaged RTUs across climates within the United States.

As part of ongoing collaboration efforts, Carrier is proud to be among the manufacturers taking part in the accelerator while working with the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory to test and validate all product claims.

New light commercial products developed by Carrier engineers will help customers including major retailers and other companies meet decarbonization goals and increase energy efficiency.

Managing director of Light Commercial at Carrier, Heidi Gehring, said the company will work to bring more efficient and affordable next-generation light commercial heat pumps to market as soon as 2027.

According to the Department of Energy, the US spends about $800 billion each year to power buildings, manufacturing facilities, and homes and on average, between 20-30 per cent of the nation's energy is wasted.

The Accelerator and other Better Buildings Initiatives with public and private sector stakeholders are pursuing ambitious goals to cut that waste through improving design, equipment and operations.