With inefficient halogen lights being phased out in Australia, buyers will be looking for more certainty around performance claims for light-emitting diode (LED) lamps.

The recently published standard provides suppliers of LED lamps with a clear guidance on how to measure important energy and functional parameters that can assist in guiding buying decisions, such as energy use, light output and colour rendering.

Chair of the committee responsible for the standard, Glenn Toole, said the standard provides guidelines on how to test LED lamp products in a consistent manner and is aligned with international practices.

He said compliance with this testing standard provides buyers with confidence about claims made by the manufacturer.

The standard brings together test methods and information from a range of resources, including international and regional standards. Additional guidance on how to interpret methodologies and/or apply them specifically to LED lamps is also included, to assist with the standard being a comprehensive reference guide.
“With the Council of Australian Government Energy Ministers agreeing to introduce minimum energy efficiency and quality standards for LED lamps in Australia and New Zealand in line with European Union standards, this test standard is an important first step that will be useful for suppliers and regulators,” according to Roland Terry-Lloyd, head of standards development with Standards Australia.

The new standard is:
AS/NZS 5341:2021, LED lamps – Test methods – Energy and functional performance 

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