• Engineers Australia chief engineer Jane MacMaster
    Engineers Australia chief engineer Jane MacMaster

Engineers Australia has launched stage one of its much-anticipated micro-credentialing as part of its efforts to combat Australia’s engineering skills shortage.

Engineers Australia chief engineer Jane MacMaster said eight micro credentials launched this week in partnership with Engineering Education Australia (EEA) will provide engineers working in highly skilled areas with the confidence they can practise their skills at a recognised standard.

“The micro-credentials Engineers Australia offers will assist engineers to ensure their knowledge and skills remain relevant to a very dynamic industry,” MacMaster said.

 “Technology, systems and ways of working are changing so fast, and industry is on the lookout for people who are up to date. Micro-credentials offer a fast way to build or extend existing skills and knowledge in a way that is validated against recognised practice.”

In addition to the professional skills essential for any kind of engineering career, Engineers Australia will also roll out micro-credentials for a range of industries. The first set, available now, covers the rail industry.

More industries can look forward to micro-credentials covering their specific needs in the future, such as micro-credentials in construction engineering which will launch later this year.

EEA general manager Alexandra Sparvell said micro-credentials are based on assessment of knowledge and experience to a level of acceptable industry practice.

“That’s not something you can study for. That’s something you’ve got to demonstrate,” he said.

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