An estimated 60 per cent of energy bills are used to cover the cost of distribution and transmission, according to SolaEnergy founder, Alan Hunter.

Launching Australia’s first combined solar and battery plan, Hunter said his aim is to democratise the traditional solar provider model and give the power back to the consumer.

SolaEnergy has launched the new plan in partnership with energy retailer Locality Planning Energy (LPE).

For many homeowners the upfront cost of purchasing a solar system prevents them from accessing clean energy.

“We are doing our bit to change the system by competing against the grid, the network made up of substations, powerlines, underground cables and power poles, by creating our own decentralised grid,” he said.

“Everyone should have access to renewable energy for their home, saving them thousands while also creating a more environmentally friendly solution to energy consumption.”

By partnering with LPE, SolaEnergy has paved the way for LPE customers to access clean energy without having to purchase a system outright.

Under SolaEnergy’s system, customers only pay for the energy being produced by the sun with current customers saving over 30 per cent on their energy bills. 

SolaEnergy monitors and measures customers solar production, energy consumption, system performance, faults and cost savings to make sure they are getting the most out of their solar system.

Hunter said many solar systems available today are not high quality with one in five systems faulty or damaged.

He said this is due to cheap solar being sold and purchased, bad workmanship and failure to monitor and manage the solar system once it is installed.

As part of the initial rollout of SolaEnergy’s plan, the company will be invest $4.5 million in solar and battery to support homes and businesses in seven regional NSW areas between April and December 2021.





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