• ABB Cylon helps customers achieve their energy management goals.
    ABB Cylon helps customers achieve their energy management goals.

Following successful launches around the globe, ABB has introduced the Cylon Building Management System (BMS) portfolio of products to the Australian market.

ABB Cylon provides building automation and controls to support sustainability in the built environment.

It helps customers achieve their energy management goals at a time when 30 per cent of Australian businesses predict that rising energy prices will lead to reduced profit margins in the next three to five years.

Buildings constitute 30 per cent of total world energy consumption and contribute 40 per cent of global carbon emissions.

The ABB Cylon BMS portfolio provides automation and energy control for a wide variety of commercial and industrial buildings

The BMS enables occupants and owners to conveniently automate functions and reduce energy costs with energy control and management.

National market development manager for ABB Electrification’s Smart Building Division, Matthew Doley, said it also allows real-time monitoring and control of the building facility.

“The whole automation industry is heading towards using scalable solutions with energy-efficiency front of mind,” Doley said

“Our latest product launch caters to exactly that need. Building automation and controls are the essential gears that empower spaces to operate efficiently, seamlessly, and smartly.

“By embracing Cylon technologies, we are not just enhancing comfort and convenience, but also unlocking a more sustainable future, where energy is optimised, costs are minimised, and our environment is better protected."

ABB Cylon enables the centralised monitoring and control of various building systems, including lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) through a unified platform.

This empowers facility managers to make data-driven decisions, optimise energy usage, and reduce operational costs, all while providing a more comfortable and sustainable environment for occupants.

Installing the ABB Cylon portfolio buildings can achieve higher levels of energy management and efficiency, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable, and more connected buildings of the future.

ABB Building Solutions provide innovative, and industry-leading building control systems and digital tools that keep occupants safe and productive in any space or environment.

Scalable and configurable controls integrate seamlessly with Smart equipment to achieve Smart buildings.