The Aero Clave and Vital Oxide decontamination system currently being used throughout the United States to contain the spread of COVID-19 has arrived in Australia.

It is available thanks to an exclusive partnership with Aussie firm, J3Seven.

The company’s CEO, Gareth Molnar, said the Aero Clave and Vital Oxide decontamination system is the ultimate weapon on the war against infections.

While cleaning companies do a good job, Molnar said the reality is that by manually attempting to decontaminate with disinfectants it means that some affected areas are missed as accessibility becomes a factor.

“This system takes minutes, not days, and provides a 100% elimination of the pathogens and it will provide a significant reduction in cleaning costs to the Government or any businesses using it. It also means decontaminations can be conducted more frequently, as it is a very cost effective immediate and long-term system.”

Molnar said J3Seven can decontaminate a 100 cubic metre room within 21 minutes, and people can re-enter the area COVID-free.

“The beauty of this system is it not only solves much of the sanitisation burden we currently face across a multitude of industries, it also has long term benefits to sanitise environments well into the future for contagions such as the common cold and flu or staph infection,” he said.

The RDS3110 and Vital Oxide can be used in either a room fogging/misting or hand application method. The availability of both options gives the end user the versatility to sterilise any asset anywhere at any time.

Molnar said the Vital Oxide is EPA approved and will not harm devices or electronic equipment in any way and is completely safe to be used in food preparation areas, which allows for operations to recommence unhindered in a very short period.

“It is ideal for office spaces, retail spaces, shopping malls, hospitals, health care facilities, aged care facilities, airplanes, freight aircraft, cruise ships, cars, taxis, schools, buses and the list goes on,” he said.










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