ECLYPSE 650

Distech Controls has expanded its ECLYPSE Connected Controller platform with the launch of the next generation controllers; the 400 series and 600 series.

The new controllers simplify the transition to advanced technology, incorporating new features and enhanced installation flexibility that directly address customer feedback.

By focusing on resource optimisation, flexibility, and plug-and-play interoperability, these controllers will deliver efficient space, comfort and equipment control leading to more efficient buildings.

Flexible mounting options and an extended temperature operating range across the various models are additional features that address the requirements of future ECLYPSE Building Intelligence projects.

Distech Controls product line manager, Kevin Ridder, said the controllers are suitable for a wide range of applications.

"The introduction of the new ECLYPSE 400 series and 600 series controllers marks a pivotal moment for Distech Controls, highlighting our unwavering commitment to smarter, safer, and greener buildings,” he said.

“These controllers are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the industry, providing unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and integration capabilities."

The ECLYPSE 600 series are expandable controllers for large-sized equipment control applications whilst the ECLYPSE 400 series are the ideal medium-sized equipment controllers for air handling units, chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling towers.

The ECLYPSE 600 Series can also be used in central plants and the ECLYPSE 400 Series can be set up for multi-zone applications and roof top units.

Both ranges can be mounted vertically or horizontally, which makes them perfect for panel retrofits or applications when limited horizontal space is available.

They also support different communication protocols such as BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/ SC, BACnet/IP, MQTT, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and MBus are supported to ensure ease of communication, authentication, and error detection.

They provide flexible networking options for isolated applications and fail-safe daisy-chaining applications. The two Ethernet ports and an AUX port can be configured to create separate networks.

Whilst models with embedded LCD displays offer direct and secure access to the controller via fieldbus integration, models without LCD displays support a broader temperature range, catering to a wider variety of applications and the future requirements of ECLYPSE Building Intelligence Projects.

All of these benefits culminate in providing a versatile, future-ready platform with edge-to-cloud connectivity.

The enhanced levels of connectivity will be achieved by harnessing the power of Atrius Facilities, which is a cloud-based building management platform that unifies access installation and maintenance systems.

Reducing the burden of managing building data enables teams to increase operational efficiency of their spaces. Distech Controls and Atrius are both product brands within the Acuity Brands's Intelligent Spaces Group.

The plug and play interoperability seamlessly integrate with IoT ecosystems, services, and data models whilst the IoT design, with its multiple networking options, lowers installation costs and aids in network isolation.

The software configurable I/O’s eliminate the need for jumpers, reduce controller manipulation and minimise return visits.

The new ECLYPSE controllers are specifically designed for system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and developers.

They are ideal for applications in new construction projects, including commercial offices, higher education institutions, hospitality venues, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, they are well suited for retrofit and reconstruction projects, providing significant benefits for those looking to upgrade existing infrastructures.