• 151 Clarence St, Sydney (Pic: AG Coombs)
    151 Clarence St, Sydney (Pic: AG Coombs)

ResetData has installed the first liquid-cooled data server in an Australian commercial building, modelling a future in which building owners adapt unused space to offer clients edge data centre services – and get free hot water.

ResetData has commissioned two 100-kilowatt server pods in Investa’s 151 Clarence Street tower in Sydney.

The company will use the basement as a showroom for clients cooling server racks by immersing them in liquid, rather than the standard practice of air-cooling data centres.

It is the first data centre laboratory of its type in the Asia Pacific region.

The lab is being used as a test and simulation lab for ResetData's immersion-cooled data centre technology. According to the company, it is one of the first full-stack AI and machine learning testing facilities with a liquid-cooled environment in APAC.

The lab uses Submer's liquid-cooling technology, and modified Dell servers containing Intel chips. The resulting density that can be achieved by ResetData is 18kW per sqm.

According to ResetData, by late next year, the company will have connected the server pods to 151 Clarence Street's hot water supply. The building manager, real estate firm Investa, is looking to see how the model could be scaled up across its portfolio.

ResetData distributes the Submer/Dell liquid cooling technology in Australia and New Zealand. The company also has a Liquid Cooling as a Service offering.

According to ResetData Liquid Cooling as a Service is 95 per cent more efficient when compared to traditional cooling technologies and offers 40 per cent lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The company also claims it eliminates water waste entirely while also reducing emissions.