The federal government’s support for the use of low-carbon timber is good news for the building and construction sector and will support jobs and economic activity while reducing greenhouse emissions.

The federal government has made available $300 million to incentivise industry to make greater use of low carbon engineered wood products in commercial and medium density housing.

Master Builders Australia’s CEO, Denita Wawn said it is a big win for building and construction.

“Master Builders Australia has called for measures that will assist the industry to make use of more sustainable building materials without imposing excessive costs on the industry or consumers,” she said.

“This new incentive will help bring down the cost of construction, develop local capacity in low-carbon timber product manufacture, deliver healthier buildings for our clients and the community.”

The MBA in partnership with the Australian Products Association has also called for measures to tackle the shortfall in timber housing frames which will worsen over  the next decade. “This initiative will help address this challenge,” Wawn said.


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