Dwyer Instruments Pty Ltd Australia has launched the Series RPMC StabiliSENSE Critical Room Pressure Monitor.

It is designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming.

The Series RPMC can be configured to monitor positive or negative pressure in protected environments and clean manufacturing areas.

The RPMC is a complete system which enables access to pressure, security, calibration, and alarm setup. The RPMC StabiliSENSE critical room pressure monitor has a brushed stainless steel bezel that allows for easy cleaning.

It also has built-in status indication LEDs that will appear green when it is within the user-defined pressure set range and will appear orange when outside of the pressure set range. 2 SPDT independent control relays with adjustable deadbands are also provided along with a 4-20 mA process output.


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