Australians can now reduce their energy bills, slash greenhouse gas emissions and improve home comfort after a household energy efficiency rating system developed by the Victorian government received national support under a joint Commonwealth, state and territory initiative.

Adoption of the Residential Efficiency Scorecard, provides a way for Australian households to improve their home energy performance.

The scorecard has been endorsed by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) with strong support provided by all jurisdictions.

Since the scorecard star rating was first introduced five years ago households have been able to understand, compare and improve their home energy performance.

Householders are seeing the benefit from eight, nine and even ten-star homes with low or no energy bills, and home improvements focusing on hot and cold weather.

The new national scorecard rating is now available to all Australian households and will help national businesses use the rating as a mark of home quality, including builders, developers and financiers.

Trained and accredited national scorecard assessors provide a star rating and detailed certificate to the householder, plus advice on opportunities for improvement.

The finance sector is also getting involved with Bank Australia’s Clean Energy Home Loan using the scorecard to determine eligibility for discounted home finance.

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