• SOUNDLINA Wallpaper.
    SOUNDLINA Wallpaper.

Screenwood has released SOUNDLINA, the world’s first perforated wallpaper with high acoustic performance for noise reduction and reverberation control.

The new SOUNDLINA acoustic woodgrain wallpaper range is designed by Screenwood’s engineering team to empower greater architectural vision for less.

SOUNDLINAwallpaper’s patent-pending echo-reduction design achieves a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.85 (on a scale of 0 – 1 when used with the recommended perforated grid plasterboard and acoustic insulation.

Easy to install—no joiner required—it provides interior architects, designers, and builders with a cost effective new way to enhance a space’s beauty while caring for people’s comfort and wellbeing.

Screenwood’s founder and director, Cameron Nelson, said the wallpaper’s woodgrain aesthetic and acoustic performance make it a superb choice for biophilic, environmental, biomimetic, and sensorial interior design.

SOUNDLINAperforated acoustic wallpaper is pre-finished with NAVURBAN Diamond, providing market-leading durability. NAVURBAN Diamond is a decorative surface that uses Smart NANO technology.

The surface’s non-PVC olefin film is 3D-embossed with a textural woodgrain structure, providing a beautiful natural aesthetic.

The SOUNDLINA wallpaper range has achieved a Group 1 Fire Safety Rating and is Global GreenTag certified. It is ideal for interior applications in hospitality, education, aged care, commercial spaces, foyers, hotels, shopping centres, airports, medical facilities, libraries, residential and conference venues.