Australian proptech scale-up Cognian Technologies has joined a group of international smart building technology leaders working with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) on the soon to be launched WELL Performance Rating.

This rating will reward building owners and operators for using measurable and validated building and human performance metrics to gain insights into the health and well-being of the people inside and enhance conditions in their spaces based on those insights.

According to Rachel Hodgdon, president and CEO of IWBI, the rating will consist of features drawn from the WELL Building Standard (WELL) along with new pathways and beta features that will be informed by the IWBI Performance Advisory, WELL Performance Testing Organisations (PTOs) and a host of industry leaders in smart building technologies, including Cognian, which is also a member of IWBI.

Jack Noonan, vice president of IWBI, APAC. Said Cognian’s participation will not only contribute to the dynamic technology scope of the rating, but also help inform the rating with regional market needs and best practice.

Cognian co-founder and CEO Mark Blum said the company’s Syncromesh wireless canopy helps organisations achieve the health and wellbeing monitoring and reporting required to ensure in-building conditions are as safe and comfortable as possible for occupants at any given time.

“We developed the Syncromesh smart building wireless canopy with the aim of enabling all buildings – new and existing – to be smart and human-centred,” Blum said.

“Collaborating with IWBI on the WELL Performance Rating is part of our mission to ensure buildings globally are connected and delivering sustainable, safe and comfortable occupant well-being outcomes.”

The WELL Performance Rating will be comprised of WELL features that call for specific leadership thresholds relating to air and water quality, thermal comfort, acoustics, lighting and occupant experience, helping projects apply both quantitative and qualitative data to track, monitor and improve the performance of both the buildings and the people inside.

IWBI’s global network of 42 WELL Performance Testing Organisations, IWBI member organisations and its broader community of over 18,000 WELL Accredited Professionals (WELL APs) and registrants pursuing the WELL AP credential in more than 100 countries will support customers in their pursuit of the WELL Performance Rating.

Other IWBI members contributing to the development of the WELL Performance Rating include Aircuity, Carrier, CETEC, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Kaiterra, Lennox International, Thornton Tomasetti, Schneider Electric, SGS, and Trane.

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