A revolutionary style of air-conditioning unit has been developed in Australia by Sydney-based company Polaris Technologies.

The company has created air conditioning that does not require an outdoor unit which is why the Polaris Hideaway series is ideally suited to Heritage-listed buildings.

The unit is fully mounted in the ceiling and all that is seen from outside the building is a weather proof grille.
(Image shows how the concept of an installed unit works).

All that can be seen is grilles – no outdoor unit, messy pipework or electrical connections.

The small packaged units are available in low profile 3.5 kW which are only 300mm high.

It is a simple answer to the complex problem of: “where do I locate an outdoor unit?”

The larger 10 Kw units stand at 410mm high. Another impressive feature of the Polaris Hideaway series is energy efficiency.

This is because the units use Engas Hydrocarbon refrigerant, a green, ultra low GWP alternative to synthetic refrigerants.

The units are also delivered with a wired controller making it very clever plug and play technology.

Not surprisingly interest in the units from Architects and Specifiers has been extremely high.

This is in addition to a high level of interest from local councils seeking to avoid the unsightly image of outdoor units in clusters in car parks or rooftops which creates hot zones and breakdowns.

By using the Polaris Hideaway Series building owners can reclaim roof space and the plantroom.

Contact Polaris Technologies on 1300 782 761


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