Lennox International has unveiled its Model L packaged rooftop line which features an all-new rooftop controller, the Lennox CORE Control System and Service App.

The Model L packaged rooftop line boasts efficiency ratings among the highest in the industry with leadership models in SEER, IEER, and EER. Featuring both gas-electric and electric-electric units, the Model L is available from three to 25 tonnes of nominal cooling capacity.

Lennox International president & COO, Elliott Zimmer, said the Model L kicks off the rooftop revolution and sets the bar for a premium light commercial product.

"We spent years working with our customers to develop a product that could meet the complex needs of today's building owners,” Zimmer said. 

“Industry-leading energy efficiency, comprehensive indoor air quality solutions, advanced system diagnostics, and a truly game-changing new control system help us deliver on our vision to be the most innovative commercial HVAC solutions provider in the industry.

“Model L rooftop units were designed to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership through variable speed components and intelligent operation.”

Packed full of innovative features, the heart of the Model L is the new Lennox CORE Control System and Service App. The CORE Service App was developed to replace the traditional user interface to provide quicker navigation for installation, network integration, and service. 

Using the advanced diagnostic and sensor system, the controller can communicate superheat, sub-cool, and other system performance details without hooking up gauges to the unit's refrigeration system.  This critical performance information is available through open third-party communication protocols like BACnet and LonTalk.

The company’s vice president of commercial product management and marketing, Bobby DiFulgentiz, said the CORE Control System has helped revolutionize the way information is handled within the HVACR industry by truly embracing open integration.

"The diagnostic capabilities of the Model L provide a deep understanding of unit performance and we have made all of this rich information available to any third-party building automation system through popular open protocols. This gives our customers the flexibility to choose the building controls system that works best for them,” he said.


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