Traditionally, a single direct energy source has been used to heat water.

For example a burner flame transferring heat via a combustion chamber, or a submerged heating element that has a radiant heat transfer capability into a body of stored water.

The Rotex system, through the use of 316 stainless steel coil heat transfer, provides safe and hygienic hot water in an efficient, reliable and durable manor. 

By capturing heat and transferring via a single or series of coils, no sediment remains in situ within the tank.  Any impurities from the mains supply are simply flushed out via direct connection to the inner coil surface.

Waste heat can also be used in the form of taking usable heat from mechanical plant that creates heat in operation. For example, an air conditioning system using a super de-heater plate heat exchanger, which acts as a transfer point and with water reticulated through the heat exchange the ensuing energy can be gained, then stored into the thermal storage tank.

Roof space for solar panels or collectors is an option for new and existing buildings which can exchange heat from solar thermal water or liquid or as a direct power energy source and provides a current into heating elements.

Solar PV panels that can be directly connected into vertical heating elements that are used in Rotex tanks can provide a DC supply input and therefore remove the need for an inverter to change the power supply to AC.

Being able to directly inject power via a solar PV field, the DC current takes Off-Grid energy yield to the next level of thermal heat transfer, providing a complete independent energy capture, transfer and provision.

Air that can be exchanged via a compressor in new commercial heat pumps is also becoming a popular method of delivering DHW instead of gas being used as the energy source.

The Rotex system not only has a small footprint, it allows a multitude of heat sources to deliver energy to the storage water which acts as a thermal battery (minimal heat losses of 1.4kW of heat energy over 24 hours).

With the Rotex tank also being unpressurised, excessive energy and water is not lost through thermal expansion and temperature relief.

Managing a facilities water heating needs can now be completed with the opportunity to use all of the building energy gathering options for combined DHW and mechanical heating objectives.

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