Australia will host its very first Smart Cities Week in Sydney on October 29-31, 2018.

The global Smart Cities Council team has released the program for Smart Cities Week Australia, a conference which now spans multiple locations including Washington DC and Silicon Valley in the United States.

Events are also planned for European and African destinations in 2019, according to Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand director, Adam Beck.

“In the metropolitan era, Australians live in one of the world’s most urbanised nations. This places Australia at the forefront of the rapidly-growing smart cities movement,” Beck said.

“As infrastructure, services and resources are stretched to cope with growing populations, climate change and economic disruption, our challenge is to harness the power of technology, data and intelligent design to create better, smarter cities. Smart Cities Week will help us to do just that.”

Beck said Smart Cities Week Australia is not just a dialogue.

“Panel discussions are no longer effective. Instead, we are incubating the action needed to accelerate smart cities – whether it’s through intimate boardroom policy debates or experiential labs,” he said.

“This is a unique opportunity to engage everyone from policy makers and local government leaders at the coal face to industry innovators and start-up entrepreneurs.”

Leading international and local companies are throwing their support behind the conference.

According to Paul Francis, director of Internet of Things and Smart Cities Lead at global advisory firm KPMG, which is sponsoring Smart Cities Week, the conference will drive a more deliberative smart cities dialogue throughout the region.

“As a leader in smart cities and IoT within the region, KPMG looks forward to Smart Cities Week Australia as an opportunity for deep industry engagement, showcasing and learning,” Francis said.

Another sponsor of the event is the Place Design Group, its executive director of planning, Chris Isles, said Smart Cities Week is an anti-conference that is shaking up the norm, identifying opportunities and
creating connections between those who are inspired by the future of the city.

Other sponsors and supporters of Smart Cities Week include Arcadis, BlueChilli, PCSG, Telstra and Yotta.

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